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I had a chance to go back to the Renaissance Festival up in Holly Michigan just for a couple hours and it was so much fun. The costumes were amazing! And I was talking with one of the characters and he told me they start preparing way back in April and most of the costumes are made by the folks too. I thought they were such good quality that they must have been made for movie sets or by a big theater department. Really pretty nice.

This time I wanted to explore the place and didn't take as many photos. I figured out that -because it's just overwhelming for me..too many photo ops!- I should first explore and see everything and take photos of the place. Start there, do some ambiental photos to make a mental map. Then, once I have an idea of where everything is and what is what, then start doing portraits of the characters.

There are also a lot of events and shows happening concurrently so that was also another thing that I had to try to figure out because I wanted some photos of that too. So it took me a while to develop a plan...first scout the place and take photos of the environment. At the same time see the shows that are going on and maybe do some photos there too. Then after that start doing some portraits, all in a couple of hours or so. So eventually I ran out of time but oh well. I'll have to go again now that I have a plan of action!

I haven't edited these medium resolution photos..all coming straight from my camera. Normally I would edit photos and do some cropping but I'm leaving for Europe this week and I don't have time! Feel free to download and copy these photos but please give me a shoutout or a credit to my Instagram @joesadventures. Thanks! PS I do have high resolution files if you'd like the link to that. Just send me an email, a dm, or a text :)

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