July 4th: Trying Something New Print

This year, my cousin and I visited Newton Park to shoot some photos and attempt to do a video. We actually tried going to a fair on the 3rd, but they were sold out of tickets. We tried to pay them, but because they didn't have the tickets, we weren't allowed in.

Anyway, we missed out on the 3rd but got a 30 minute show on the 4th. Shooting video and photos simultaneously was a nice challenge. Here are my results from that night.


This is my first video processed in Final Cut Pro. Just starting to learn this program and I'm really liking it so far. I'm really digging RedGiant Software and several other plugins for the program. Good stuff!

Fireworks Over Newton Park Vido

For such a simple setup, I thought it turned out ok. Ideally, one would want professional video gear for stabilization and such, but one has to start somewhere right?

Technical Notes: It was a little tricky to see, focus, and tell the height at which the fireworks would explode. In this case, all the clips used were straight out of the camera. The video was filmed with a Canon 5D mkII, a 15mm fisheye, 16-35mm, 50mm, and 70-200mm lenses on a tripod with a ball head.

This year I also tried using a different technique that gave a different spin on traditional fireworks photos.







Moonset over Newton Park.

Moonset Over Newton Park