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Welcome to my new website and blog! This site is dedicated to my wedding photography work and I'm excited to finally have it up and running.

Josef Samuel's New Website

Finally :). After a lot of thinking of what would be an ideal website should look like, I came to a few conclusions. My new site had to:

  • Have an HTML construct, maximizing for SEO ranking.
  • Be expandable and upgradeable. I would constantly outgrow my older sites, so having a flexible and upgradeable design was key.
  • Be able to seamlessly incorporate flash elements that's best suited for slideshows, videos, and other multimedia.
  • Have an overall design that ties the whole site, the blog, and every other department within one underlying style or theme..
  • Be able to have contributors and guest artists set up basic accounts on my site for blogging.
  • Be designed to fit perfectly in screens of 1024x768 resolution, which is what studies say 42% of all people use, and be able to change when and if this resolution dies out.
  • Be able to use open source code programs that will help me keep the website at the front of technological developments, thus will never be outdated.
  • Be practical and relatively quick to produce, and most importantly, be unique.

Thankfully, after a lot of hard work, I was able to achieve these goals. Previously I had an all flash website and that was great, except that it was very limited. One of flash's greatest weakness is having a design that limits the expandability and potential growth of the site. Not to mention that separate html pages like the blog and the proofing website have to be opened in new windows or popup windows, which takes away from the flow of the site. Plus seo capabilities are far inferior.

In all, I'm excited to see how this new site will continue to grow as it was designed to do. It'll take a great deal of work and experimentation, but I'm ready for it. :)